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Internet Services

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Domain Search & Registration

The URL of your website is a critical decision for you to make. People need to be able to spell it easily, it needs to identify what you do at a glance, and it needs to be short and succinct. We can help you figure out the best option for your business or organization, and then we'll get it registered, setup, and ready to go, taking care of any renewals or problems that arise.

Web Hosting

A good host will keep your website up 99.9% of the time. They will use the latest internet technologies to ensure a fast and smooth user experience. At Redding, we identify the best hosting provider for your organization, and then manage it to ensure everything is working right.

Email Hosting

Want to make sure your customers can contact you reliably? Let us setup and manage your email services for you. We use Google Gsuite for business, allowing you to have professional business email, excellent spam filtering, reliability, and security. We can help with the setup of your devices as well!! #IMAPforthewin

Shared & VPS Servers

We have lots of different hosting options, however is typically boils down to 2 plans. Cost effective 'Shared' hosting or 'Virtual Private Servers' also know as 'VPS'. Shared hosting servers are good for small information or lead generating websites. The servers are shared with other Redding Designs clients, this allows us to keep the costs lower. VPS servers are geared to larger or heavier websites, like e-commerce, dedicating all the resources to ensure the high traffic demands of the website are met. All servers are #BeardApproved fast, and come with FREE SSL security certificates.

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