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Redding Designs Inc. is a web development company that started over 12 years ago and has grown to the beard-loving multi-media company it is today. We believe a great website is the heart of any company and that’s where we come in.

What's With the Beard?

Back in the day, as Redding Designs was growing we started hiring some developers, as they kept joining our team we noticed that they all had beards. This was not intentional, it was just meant to be!! We had one original developer "Jeremy", he had the most magical wizard beard anyone had ever seen before. At this point, it was decided that we would create the Beard Seal of Approval. This logo notifies your customers that your website has been created, crafted, and developed with BEARD MAGIC!!

Since the early days of our "All Bearded Staff" we have grown and adapted into the "non" bearded world as well. Even though some team members do not have beards, the magic of the beards encompasses them!!!

If your website does not have the magical beard seal of approval, you are in grave danger and need to contact us NOW!!!

Meet the Team

Rob Redding


Phone: 226-667-5957

Rob is the President, Owner and Founder of Redding Designs. Although traumatized by the infamous egg/staring incident, this has not prevented him from low-key annihilating everyone in the office at Call of Duty. He has recently taken up bicycling, which is usually fine, but not when you forage for wild berries in a ditch. His first website was built in Notepad and delivered via Netscape and AOL. He is a fantastic drummer, and part of K-Pop supergroup The Variables. Rob has several nicknames around the office, including "Santa," "That guy, what's his name?" and "The only man Paul LaFrance has had to take a restraining order out on." Rob has two children, and is happily married to Amanda, a woman of seemingly unprecedented patience.

Mary Blatz

Office Administrator

Phone: 226-667-5947

Mary is one of the sweetest human beings around. Literally everyone loves her. She scares very easily, and once ran over a driving instructor with a motorcycle, and has killed more than her fair share of flowers in her attempts at gardening. But even though we know about these things, and we have ample material to give Mary our usual sarcastic treatment here, we can't bring ourselves to do it. This is for two reasons. The first is that, as Administrative Assistant, Mary is the only thing holding back a gargantuan funnel-cloud of chaos and confusion. The second is that, as Office Mother, the only thing we fear more than Rob's taste in movies is Mary's disapproval. Mary loves to travel with her husband, play with her grandchildren and screech loudly everytime Dmitri stealthily glides into position behind her desk.

Corny Bartsch

Office Manager / Graphic Design Director / Developer

Phone: 226-667-5949

Corny has been with Redding Designs since the very beginning, and is the Creative Director of our team. Think of Corny as a sort of benevolent underboss, translating the will of Rob into a common language that the rest of the staff can understand (sometimes referred to as "English"). His artistic abilities are out of this world - whether it is photo editing, vector art design, logos, or layout design. A skilled singer and guitarist, Corny loves music, particularly heavy metal. He is a founding member of the experimental, lo-fi calypso supergroup The Variables. He loves basketball. He is also a pastor, which means he plays a huge role in his Church. And yes, it is perfectly normal to ask yourself how all of these wildly diverse interests found themselves in one specimen. If you figure it out, please send us a note.

Brad Yates

Web Development Director

Phone: 226-667-5954

Office manager and developer, Brad is obsessed with sports and video games. When asked what he does around the office, Brad replied with "getting things done." When asked to clarify, he replied with "doing things so as to get them done." We still don't know precisely what that entails, but we can assure you, he does. He just isn't telling us. Typical Brad.

David Ferguson

Digital Marketing Director

Phone: 226-667-5948

As Marketing Director of Redding Designs and founding member of glamrock supergroup The Variables, David Ferguson is a creative powerhouse. His expertise in marketing, advertising, analytics and digital communications has helped push Redding Designs to new heights, and Redding Design employee nicknames to new lows. When he isn't at work - breaking chairs and office plants - he can be found walking the beach, beating Corn Dog at basketball or watching movies.

Tina Knelsen

Project Coordinator / Photographer

Phone: 226-667-5945

Prior to joining us as Project Coordinator, Tina worked as a wedding photographer, sometimes dealing with hysterical, stressed-out and demanding brides. This made her perfectly qualified to work with Rob Redding. An active member of her Church, Tina loves spending time with her friends, family and pets. She is the inventor of the #tinatruth hashtag, which trended across the office, eclipsing the record of the previous most-shared hashtag, #ItsBerniesFault. When she isn't scaring Mary or staring at other team members with egg hanging from her mouth, she keeps all of our projects running smoothly.

Nancy Dyck

Project Coordinator

Our new project coordinator, Nancy brings years of skills and expertise to the table. One in particular stands out: as a busy mom of two teenagers, Nancy is uniquely qualified to handle the staff here at Redding Designs. Office admin, customer service, sales, making sure Rob eats his vegetables - all skills honed over years of child-rearing and employment in the magazine and newspaper business. Nancy enjoys team sports, swimming, photography, crafts, movies and Crossfit.

Amanda Redding

Treasurer / Beard Support

Amanda is the First Lady of Redding Designs. Married to Rob, and thus mother to three children, Amanda acts as treasurer and beard support. When she isn't grooming, bathing, shaving, feeding, teaching, cajoling, lecturing, encouraging, hydrating and otherwise maintaining Rob's ability to stay alive, she runs her own lash business, and loves to travel with her other children to the East Coast every year. While we don't see Amanda around the office very much, we all appreciate the work she does to keep Santa's workshop running smoothly.

Vera Chen


Vera works as a developer, specializing in Wordpress. She holds a degree from Fanshawe in Interactive Media Design. She loves to read and play video games. She claims to be a boring person, an idea belayed by the fact that she gesticulates wildly as she says it. Vera has a rich inner monologue that refuses to remain inner, which is why she is constantly talking to herself. The only way she can stop is by singing Baby Shark or Same Old Love.

Holly Jasvins

UX Designer / Developer

As a programmer and UX designer, Holly takes a lot of pride in developing rational, effective and attractive interfaces. The only sustenance she requires to maintain life is, as far as we can tell, coffee. Scientists have recently attempted to figure out how she always has a full cup of coffee, even in the total absence of a coffeemaker, but the experimentation was called off after Holly attacked the scientists when they attempted to take her cup away. When she isn't at the office, Holly enjoys mountain biking, sewing, volleyball and mentally replaying the time David exploded his own chair.

Ana Paula

Digital Marketing

A digital marketing specialist, Ana holds a bachelor degree in Advertising and Marketing at PUCPR in Brazil. SEO, Google Ads, Facebook buys and social media are her core industry strengths, and she uses them to great effect. Outside of work, her hobbies including traveling, watching movies and television shows, playing video games and shivering to stay warm in the frigid Canadian winter.

Dwayne Froese


A self-taught developer, Dwayne hasn't been with us long, but has already earned a reputation as a quick learner and problem solver. He is Vera's number one fan. Outside of work, Dwayne volunteers as a Youth Leader at his church. He plays guitar and ukulele, and one day aspires to join world-renowned Mambo-Memphis Blues supergroup, The Variables.

Jacob Griffiths


Jacob likes programming, Counter-Strike, reading, hiking and pints of beer - in that order. Always quick to devise creative solutions to complex problems, and just as quick to pawn styling and design off on somebody else, Jacob has a diploma in computer programming from Fanshawe College. A skilled imposter, back-stabber and body-hider during the teams daily Among Us games, Jacob has proven himself as a capable, driven and occasionally devious member of our team.

Arpit Dalal


Aprit is into web dev - so much so that he once hurt his back after programming for nine hours straight. One standing desk later, he was back to his usual chipper self, chatting happily away about space, objects in space, theories of space, the nature of space-time, asteroids, meteroites, aliens, aliens on asteroids, aliens on meteroites, and the exact specifications of the mirrors on the James Webb Space Telescope. He loves music, playing games and reading. His specialty is internet applications and web development, holding a degree in those fields from Fanshawe College.

Shauna Collins

Graphic Designer

With a diploma in graphic design from Fanshawe College, Shauna Collins is a master of typography, photo manipulation and brand creation. A talented photographer and painter, Shauna never stops creating, even in her spare time. When she isn't working from home, she can be found hiking up hills, down hills, across hills, and between hills.

Kevin Gibson

Marketing Specialist

Eight-time London City chess champion, piano teacher and Magister of Musical Composition, Kevin is, to put it plainly, the most sophisticated, posh and worldly person who works here. To be honest, we don't quite understand how we got him. Between Rob banging away on his drums like a monkey writing Shakespeare, and Frank randomly hitting his cowbell at arbitrary times during the day, we are shocked he didn't flee immediately. But we're glad to have him. He handles our front desk and digital marketing, at least when he isn't bashing his head into desks and bleeding all over David and Tina.

Frank Wiebe

Control Your Property Developer / RD Consultant

Frank is a consultant and developer for Redding Designs. He is also a father, a position whose privileges he routinely abuses, in the form of dad jokes. This would usually be enough to spark riots around the office, but his expertise and skill in Laravel and Wordpress is so great that we tolerate him. Frank plays a key role in the development and deployment of Control Your Property. Outside of work, he loves to cycle and hike, as well as spend time with his children, whom he frequently accuses of "resisting a rest" when they won't go down for nap time.

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