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Four proven ways to brand your contracting business and increase profit

Branding can be done through many different channels - from your website, to social media posts, and even your business cards or trade show display.

This article outlines four key strategies to build your company’s brand, increase awareness of your products and services, and grow the bottomline.

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Contractors: take your logo along for the ride with a custom truck wrap

A graphic wrap on your work truck creates an opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing, as well as elevated awareness within real communities where you work and live.

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Rob Redding


There are many things going on in the background of a successful website. Fast and secure hosting, reliable e-mail and communications, domain names that speak to your brand, invoices that arrive on time. Let our Office team take care of the nitty gritty for you.


— Digital marketing director
David Ferguson


Digital marketing and search engine optimization can take your website from a dud to a stud. Generate more leads, make more sales and drive more traffic to your website by working with Marketing Lead David Ferguson.

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The marketing team

— Project manager
Nancy Dyck


Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a website. Project Lead Nancy Dyck will keep things moving, working carefully to coordinate all our teams with all of yours. Rest assured, you are in great hands!

Managing assistant

— UX/UI designer
Blake Bates


What needs to go where, and why? How will your users interact with your website? What action paths do they expect to take? UX/UI Lead Blake Bates makes sure that your website gives your customers the experience they expect, each and every time.

— Lead graphic designer
Corny Bartsch


Website design, logo design, print media — we do it all. Our graphic design team, led by Graphics Lead Corny Bartsch, will work with you to communicate the emotions, feelings and sentiments that best reflect your brand.

— Web development director
Dwayne Froese


Using cutting-edge and well-proven web technologies, Web Lead Dwayne Froese will develop a product that is built to last. From Wordpress to straight-code, Laravel to e-commerce, Dwayne and his team will make it easy for you to create and maintain the site you want.

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